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Opening Minds

Once in a while we meet inspiring people who distinguish themselves with exceptional abilities, skills and knowledge. Ever so often, while these people excel at their profession, they hide a secret passion, engage in a hobby or favourite pastime that stimulates them in a unique way.  At ConductVision we believe that engaging and learning from disciplines such as music and art, triggers our creative and success potential. 

ConductVision Talks brings you exceptional people from the world of business, art and other fields to share their knowledge, experiences and lessons on life and business.   What drives them?
How do they trigger their creative and growth potential?  Be inspired!
Ivana Šedivá

ex-CMO McDonald's

Music Conductor

B-Roll 1.jpeg

Professor of Business

B-Roll 1.jpg

Digital Product Director


Professor of Political Science


Leader and Violinist of the BBC Symphony Orchestra

CEO and Country Head, BNP Paribas Czech Republic and Slovakia

B-Roll 1.jpeg

Board Member of the Latin American Chapter of the European Chamber of Technology

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Music Conductor

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Management Consultant, Professor at Business Schools and Writer

Pianist and


Are you inspired?

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