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Rethinking leadership 2030

Our businesses will look and operate fundamentally differently in 2030. New trends in technology, AI, machine learning, cloud-based infrastructure, will change the way organizations work. Almost every industry, from manufacturing to financial services will be affected. 


By 2030 a new generation, the Alpha, will be joining the workforce. Used to hearing their voice in social media and with completely new expectations, they will be joining a workforce from previous generations. 


A new arsenal of leadership skills and mindsets is urgently needed. 


Our new updated and re-crafted leadership program will introduce you to leadership skills and mindsets from different industries and fields that provide inspiration and answers to the challenges facing us.  

By looking at the organization of an orchestra and the leadership of a conductor, a football captain or manager, parallels for managing a department or company can be drawn.

Music organisations include leadership on multiple levels. We transfer knowledge from top music leaders by training business leaders how to develop their own leadership style, implement leadership skills and qualities, and most importantly how to effectively implement them. The music conductor provides the business leader an innovative and creative perspective on leadership.


Leading music conductors in their unique way effectively implement key leadership skills - providing vision; making fast, decisive decisions; gaining trust and respect, managing diversity; facing and overcoming challenges, making musicians overcome their expectations and enabling them to perform their best, motivate and inspire.

Curious to find out more?


Contact us and let's talk how to take your leadership to 2030!


Learn unique 
leadership skills and mindsets with our online leadership program!

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