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The Curious


As a child I read books on great violinists as if they were fairy tales. Their lives fascinated me. It inspired me to get up early, stay up late, do everything to master this wonderful instrument. My sole goal was to adopt, emulate their habits and in time create my own. It became an obsession.

-Bibi Pelic

Founder of ConductVision

What do Mozart, Paganini, Tesla or Steve Jobs have in common?


Their undying commitment, dedication, discipline, mindset, passion created a legacy that fascinates us to this day. They were obsessed with their work, their sole purpose to perfect their craft and create a higher meaning for their profession.

They were curious learners. 

Today, with immense challenges facing us, mental health, technological disruptions that are fast-pacing changing the meaning and purpose in our personal and professional lives, looking to figures outside of our circle may be key to overcome these challenges. 

People from other professions, musicians, artists, sportspeople and others  acquire skills that lead to the pursuit of professional development  from an early age. They see their profession as an extension of themselves, developing purpose and meaning to their life and work. They continuously seek to improve their craft and themselves. They are curious, inquisitive, always questioning, looking for better ways how to do things and challenge themselves at each step, testing and pushing the boundaries of their abilities. 


The Curious Learner is a path of self-discovery, understanding how we think, how we do things the way we do and making us better friends, partners, colleagues and, ultimately leaders. 

For us at ConductVision, curious learning is our passion. We will guide you to a set of principles and practices that will enable you to learn, develop and embrace your own curious learner path.

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We'll help you develop your creativity, critical thinking, etc. adapted from other industries and find meaning and purpose  in your work environment.

Business Team


Jazz up your team player potential; learn new professional skills adapted from other industries that will help you become an extraordinary team player.

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Our experienced mentors will help you gain new perspectives on your life/work development and inspire you to unleash your full potential.

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Bibi Pelić 
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