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Dear Bibi,

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful training we have experienced. It fulfilled all our expectations and we were able to see our business from another perspective. There are a lot of similarities between music and business. You were able to show us ways how musicians (especially conductors) lead and you always found a link to our business. Your training supported also our team spirit a lot.

Again thanks a lot for this training.

All the best,

Fabian Stenzel, Banking industry

Dear Bibi,

Thank you for your 3-day music and leadership training workshop you did for us - it was a wonderful and exciting experience. You successfully showed us the many parallels between music and business. Relating the music conductor to the business leader, the chamber ensemble to a business team gave us amazing new insights on leadership and teamwork. Your training also enhanced communication between the participants and helped developed an exciting team spirit. A recommendable learning lesson to the corporate world!

Thank you again!

Naďa Gallová, Banking industry

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