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Meet The Team


Ulrike Michel-Schneider

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnership

Ulrike studied Business Administration and received her Bachelor from San Francisco State University and her MBA from HHL - Graduate School of Management, Leipzig. She majored in Marketing and International Management and has since gained work experience in a number of fields and in international settings. She has studied and worked in Germany, USA, Netherlands, as well as the Czech Republic. 

With valuable business development experience in the field of air cargo and logistics, skills in mediation, consulting and analytics in real estate, fundraising, event management and relationship management in the non-for-profit sector as well as education, she is an experienced business consultant. 

In her current role she is acting as Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnership for ConductVision. 

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Ivana Pelic

Head of Content

Ivana is responsible for content research and quality contributing her vast knowledge of music performance and performers, as well as development of music ensembles and organizations. 

Her background and experience as an international concert pianist, having studied in Sydney, Vienna, Zagreb and participating in music-courses in Germany and Austria, brings immense value to the Music & Leadership quality and brand. 

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