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Our Story

Merging Musical Mastery with Leadership Insights

Bibi Pelić, with her distinguished career as a concert violinist and esteemed music workshop leader, laid the foundation for "Music & Leadership" in 2008. This initiative, the very essence of ConductVision, was meticulously designed to offer an enriching platform to business students, burgeoning leaders, and established professionals. The goal? To facilitate in-depth discussions about pertinent business issues.

Music: A Unique Lens to View Leadership

Rather than traditional methods, "Music & Leadership" employs the art and discipline of music as an illustrative metaphor. This approach illuminates the parallels between leadership principles and the structural nuances of the music world. Through this lens, participants gain valuable insights into leadership dynamics, organizational structures, and various intricate processes that resonate in both worlds.

The Philosophy: Interdisciplinary Learning for Holistic Growth

Central to this initiative is a profound belief: education and continuous professional development hold the transformative power to uplift individuals, equipping them to navigate challenges and reshape their futures. Bibi, a staunch advocate for education and interdisciplinary learning, often harks back to a sentiment expressed by the iconic conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. He emphasized the value of understanding a subject within the context of another discipline. Taking this philosophy to heart, "Music & Leadership" emerged as an avant-garde approach to leadership and management education, emphasizing the synergy between music and leadership principles for comprehensive personal and professional growth.

The birth of an idea...
'The orchestra' was a favourite music workshop topic. People would come to this workshop to find out more about the orchestra and what to expect when going to a concert. During one workshop while I was describing the instruments and organisation of the orchestra, one gentleman in the audience proclaimed: 'Bibi, this is how a business company needs to be setup! You have to come to my company and teach us how the orchestra is organised and what the conductor is doing!'
This is how the idea of Music & Leadership was born...
Bibi Pelić
My inspiration
Who inspired me?  The first inspiration came from my father, who was a successful businessman and classical music lover. He would tell me that listening to a Mozart symphony in the evening helped his mindset get ready for the next business day. His meetings were more successful, negotiations would go smoother...
The other major inspiration was Leonard Bernstein and his famous People's Youth Concert Series. As a child I loved watching him explain in a very creative way what is music form, classical music, the orchestra etc. This inspired me to start my own Bibi's Concert Series, a stepping stone in the creation of Music & Leadership and ConductVision.
Bibi Pelić
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