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In 2008, Bibi Pelić, an entrepreneur and concert violinist, founded ConductVision, bridging the gap between the arts and business innovation. Our aim is clear: to enhance business strategies by applying artistic perspectives.

Our core focus lies in leadership. We offer tailored leadership coaching to enhance leadership skills. Our comprehensive leadership assessment pinpoints your strengths and developmental areas, providing a clear roadmap for growth. Beyond individual leadership, our programs emphasize team leadership, ensuring cohesive, effective team dynamics.

Furthermore, our leadership training is designed to equip teams with the tools they need to excel. Our management consulting services provide businesses with actionable insights to drive growth and efficiency. At the organizational level, we offer strategies to foster robust organizational development.

Professional development is integral to our offerings, ensuring individuals and teams continue to grow and adapt in a constantly evolving business landscape.

In summary, ConductVision combines the creativity of the arts with proven business strategies, offering leadership coaching, training, and organizational solutions for tomorrow's business challenges.

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Bibi Pelić 
Tel: +420 604208336


Ulrike Michel-Schneider 

Tel: +420 720 367 078


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