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Founder of ConductVision. Bibi Pelić is an entrepreneur, violinist, author and creative thought authority.

Bibi’s life has taken her in many directions. As Alumni of the Vienna International School, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Bibi belongs to a network of highly successful individuals who make a difference in today’s world. 

Graduating with distinction from the Prague Academy of Arts, one of the top music universities in the world, Bibi launched a successful career as a performing and recording artist. To this day she has recorded 6 music albums. 


In the mid 2000s, Bibi developed Music and Leadership, an innovative and visionary program, recognising that business leaders will need to learn from other disciplines in order to stay ahead, ensure growth and lead themselves and organisations forward. This new concept further recognised that innovation may be achieved through triggering the individuals creative side and critical thinking. Today, this concept has been embraced by business leaders worldwide.


In the last few years, Bibi has gathered significant corporate experience as a strategic consultant and Head of Customer Service at a global e-learning organisation, responsible for restructuring the department and optimising work processes and procedures.

In 2012 Bibi founded her 2nd company startup, Let’s Play Concertos, one of the first visionary companies to recognise the need for including technology into music education. LPC includes an app which music beginners can play along with. 


Bibi has received worldwide recognition for her innovative business and music concepts. In 2001 she received the European Union prize of Gustav Mahler for artistic achievements. In 2016, she was awarded an Honorary degree of Fine Arts. 


Recognised as a prolific writer, Bibi ’s first book, Music & Leadership was published in 2018. Apart from writing blogs and articles for ConductVision, she has also created and written political, business and music courses for The Times Academy.

Utilizing her extensive knowledge and expertise in online learning, Bibi founded Conductvision's online school Conductvision Academy.   


Currently, Bibi, as founder and lead facilitator at ConductVision, provides coaching and lectures for organisations, business chambers, business schools and individuals.

“Right now, this concept is revolutionary in business, but its time is coming. People need creativity, which will lead to innovation. This won't change the business world, but it can be an important part of the mosaic.”

Bibi Pelić, Czech Business Weekly 2008

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