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Meet Bibi Pelić, the dynamic founder of ConductVision. Blending her talents as an entrepreneur, violinist, author, and leader, Bibi stands out in the worlds of both music and business.

Bibi's education at the Vienna International School and her distinction from the Prague Academy of Arts set her on a path of excellence. With 6 music albums under her belt, she has proven her mettle in the arts.

Her innovative "Music and Leadership" program, introduced in the mid-2000s, bridges music with leadership development. This unique approach teaches business leaders about leadership skills and critical thinking through the lens of music.

In business, Bibi has showcased leadership in roles like strategic consulting and heading a customer service department at a global e-learning firm. Her insights have led to improved team leadership and better work processes.


2012 marked the birth of "Let’s Play Concertos", Bibi’s initiative that combined music education with technology, offering a fresh

tool for music students.

Bibi's leadership training techniques and her knack for blending music with leadership have earned her global recognition. Among her accolades are the Gustav Mahler award in 2001 and an Honorary Fine Arts degree in 2016.

She’s also an accomplished writer. Her book, "Music & Leadership", launched in 2018, touches on leadership coaching. Beyond this, she has developed courses for The Times Academy on topics ranging from politics to music.

Building on her expertise, Bibi founded the ConductVision Academy, promoting professional development in the e-learning space.

Today, Bibi continues her mission, offering leadership coaching, training, and lectures for various organizations and individuals.


“Right now, this concept is revolutionary in business, but its time is coming. People need creativity, which will lead to innovation. This won't change the business world, but it can be an important part of the mosaic.”

Bibi Pelić 
Czech Business Weekly 2008

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