7 leadership skills I learned as a musician that make me a better business leader

It is quite common knowledge today that playing a musical instrument develops creativity, analytical skills, awareness. Today as business leader and entrepreneur, I realise that many skills I learnt as a young violinist help me run my company as well as manage my team.

Developing good leadership skills today is a hot topic. The number of books, articles, blogs written on leadership is amazing. Good communication, cooperation, problem solving are skills that we seek to develop to become good business leaders.  

I found my inspiration to becoming a good business leader in my music career. Here are 7 leadership skills I learnt in my early childhood and which today are for me of immense value.

1. Teamwork

​As a 6 year old violinist I played with my sister who accompanied me on the piano. This was for me the first experience of collaboration and teamwork. I learned to listen to my fellow team member, understand the dynamic of taking on leadership roles as well as adapting to a more supporting role. I learned it was very important to be there for your co-player, adapt, adjust, cover up. The most important lesson I learnt was that I cannot do it all myself. An important lesson for a future business leader.

2. Effective Communication

Playing together with fellow musicians, it is highly important to communicate effectively. A music performance is a dynamic, quick, no nonsense activity. I learned that in order to produce a successful performance I had to communicate my ideas timely, clearly and precisely. For business leaders, effective communication is a key skill.

3. Self-Awareness

Violin practice helped me understand my character, temperament, ambitions and feelings. At an early age I developed a sense of accomplishment, understood what I wanted and how to achieve it. This is a priceless asset I have transferred to my role as a business leader.