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Bring Interdisciplinary Education to Your School

The future ask for skills that support a broad base of knowledge in our increasingly connected world. These skills are best developed through interdisciplinary education.
ConductVision for Schools is designed for colleges, business schools and universities to add value to their curriculum the wealth of knowledge music and art brings. Together through blended in-house and online format, ConductVision's original and innovative programs help students develop key skills in the field of leadership, people managementorganizational behavior, communication, professional career skills, personal development and general education

Why is Interdisciplinary Education Important?

Today it is more important than ever to have a broadly based, well-grounded education. One needs to study music, art, history, every aspect of culture, and of man's historical accretion of learning in order to begin to be able to understand, to absorb and contribute to broad knowledge that we have in the world. An individual who hasn't had training for example in music, is not going to be very good at mathematics or science and won't understand the meaning of math or science. A broad, interdisciplinary education will help us understand other people in the world, other civilizations and cultures.

ConductVision Programs

ConductVision offers educational programmes that specialize in interdisciplinary education.


Using the metaphor of music and art, our carefully designed programmes help the learner develop and implement transferable skills into their own environment. 

Our programmes can be found at our online school  ConductVision Academy.

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Why bring ConductVision's Programs to Your School?

Music and Arts are indispensable to mankind. ConductVision programs are designed to transform education by introducing a new learning experience.

✅  Open minds to broader education
✅  Spark independent thinking 
✅  Develop critical thinking skills
✅  Inspire Creativity and Innovation
✅  Develop Emotional Intelligence
✅  Improve the faculty of learning
✅ Develop exceptional language skills
✅ Develop a better understanding of culture and civilizations
✅  Boost Leadership and Ownership
✅ Music, arts and humanities develop skills that are indispensable for the future ( World Economic Forum)
Our ConductVision team 
supports your students on your learning journey

We're there for you from the start!


Your team will receive your personal expert who will together set up the learning journey, establishing the right, tailored track for you and your team to deliver the best results.


 Your personal expert will follow you throughout your whole learning journey, help you get everything you and your team need to take the best our of our courses.

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