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Orchestrate Your Business




Bring ConductVision's unique concept and innovative programs to your organization and boost performance, engagement and creativity.
We've moved away from traditional trainings, creating new learning experiences that enable teams and individuals to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
ConductVision for Business is a new learning model blending in-house and online trainings. Comprising ConductVision’s original and innovative programs, this unique, flexible and hybrid concept is designed for organizations, teams and individuals to unlock their full professional and personal career potential.

ConductVision for Business

brings out the

Best in Your Team

✅  Improve Team Performance
✅  Enhance Productivity 
✅  Spark Excellence 
✅  Inspire Creativity and Innovation
✅  Create inspired Team Spirit and Culture
✅  Improve Employee Engagement and Retention
✅  Optimize work processes
✅  Align and optimize organizational strucutre
✅  Develop understanding of team and individual tasks and responsibilities
✅   Trigger Critical Thinking
✅  Boost Leadership and Ownership
✅ Drive Sustainable Change
Unleash your leadership and team potential in an innovative way

ConductVision for Business lets you explore, discover and unlock your full personal and professional potential.


You can take our courses individually or with your team. Each course will shake your existing knowledge and beliefs and lead you to another way of thinking about leadership, teamwork, personal development, triggering your creative and critical thinking skills and unleashing the growth mindset in your team.


Our featured courses include world class experts from music and business that accompany you along the learning journey.

What additional value do our programs bring you?

✅ Leading world music and business experts accompany the learner​ throughout the featured courses

 Featured online courses are endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management, UK (CPD recognition)

 Our programs are engaging, creative, imaginative and trigger immediate response from participants

 Participants receive a Certificate of Completion 

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Our ConductVision team 
supports you on your learning journey

We're there for you from the start!


Your team will receive your personal expert who will together set up the learning journey, establishing the right, tailored track for you and your team to deliver the best results.


 Your personal expert will follow you throughout your whole learning journey, help you get everything you and your team need to take the best our of our courses.

ConductVision for Business

engages, inspires and excites!

We'll be happy to talk to you!

Let us show you how our programmers can bring a great value to your organization. Ask us below or drop an email to Let's talk and take this further!

Ready To Learn More?

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  • How does licencing works?
    A ConductVision for Business Licence is valid during the agreed period which depends on number of employees, goals and objectives. Each member can start any time during that period. Your team's account will be given unlimited access for the whole period. Learning is a process where time plays a pivotal role. During the onboarding process your ConductVision expert will suggest a time plan that works best for your team.
  • Can team members take the courses at their own pace?
    Yes! That is one of the perks of ConductVision for Business. Every member has unlimited access to all ConductVision's online courses and can choose which one to take and when. Employees can study the courses by watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading the transcript, working through the worksheets and completing the quizzes.
  • Can teams take courses together?
    Yes, they can! Our courses support teamwork in the virtual course classrooms assisted by your designated ConductVision instructor.
  • What support is available to my team?
    Your team will get your own designated expert/instructor who will guide, assist and help throughout the whole learning journey. Whatever comes up, he or she will be there for you!
  • How is progress monitored?
    Throughout the courses, learners work on exercises which track the progress. Upon completion of the course, each member does a final assignment which is then assessed and graded.
  • What do members receive after completion of a course?
    For all courses, members recieve a Certificate of Completion. Courses that are endorsed by will receive a special Certificate of Completion.
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