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Welcome to ConductVision!

Leading You & Your Business to 2030 and beyond 

Global change, new technologies, the emergence of a very diverse workforce are accelerating at unbelievable speed.
Are you and your business ready for it? 
On our road to 2030, new leadership skills and mindsets will be asked for. Teams and individuals will be facing new challenges: growth, mental health, purpose, meaning. 
The question many face is, how do we get there? 
Learning from others.
 Have you ever felt inspired by the performance of a sports team victory or a music band, an athlete’s achievement or an exceptional keynote speech? 

Looking at issues through another discipline, is like looking through another glass window. 


Skills like leadership, communication, teamwork are found everywhere. People act and react similarly no matter their profession or industry. A music conductor faces similar leadership issues as the captain of a football team or a business leader.


On our road to fulfilment and success, we can distinguish ourselves and standout with knowledge that is unique. Learning from other disciplines, music, art, science, politics, sport transforms this road into a rewarding experience.

New ideas

Innovative concepts

Original content 

We've moved away from traditional learning, inspiring you to develop your creative and critical thinking skills . Our designs will help you look at yourself and your business differently. 

ConductVision Programs

Learn leadership, communication, language, personal and professional skills with our updated and re-crafted programs to meet the demands of 2030 and beyond!

Conductor's training_MG_Conductor.jpg

Rethinking Leadership 2030

2030 is not far away. What skills and mindsets will the leader of 2030 need to possess?


Jazz Up Your Team Potential

How will your team navigate through the next decade? Learn skills and strategies from high-performing music teams to take your team to 2030 and beyond.


The Curious Learner

Find and unleash your full personal and professional potential with this extraordinary program inspired by artists, musicians, sportspeople and others. 

What People Say

Paper Clips

Rád bych Vám poděkoval za velmi zajímavý a propracovaný přístup ke školení a nastavování vnitrofiremních procesů. Již jsem měl v minulosti možnost opakovaně absolvovat podobné školení, ale netušil jsem, že je možné takto podrobně a citlivě přistupovat k řešení těchto otázek. Nejvíce mne zaujal Váš přístup k jednotlivým pracovníkům, dobrý odhad schopností a možností jednotlivců společně s detailním posouzením vhodnosti pracovníka na danou pozici. Většinou pracovníci reagují neutrálně, až negativně na tento druh školení, ale při Vašem pojetí jsem cítil, že se většina zařazuje do procesu a aktivně se snaží zapojit a plnit zadané úkoly. Takový zájem zmnohonásobuje účinnost dané prezentace a má daleko větší dopad na realizaci naučených dovedností v praxi.

S přátelským pozdravem


Petr Matuška, COO

I would like to thank you for a very interesting and sophisticated approach to training and setting up internal company processes. I have had the opportunity to repeatedly undergo similar training repeatedly in the past, but I had no idea that it was possible to approach these issues in such a detailed and sensitive way. I was most interested in your approach to individual employees, a good estimate of the abilities and possibilities of individuals, together with a detailed assessment of the suitability of an employee for a given position. Usually the staff reacts neutrally, even negatively, to this type of training, but in your approach, I felt that most are involved in the process and are actively trying to engage and fulfill the assigned tasks. Such interest multiplies the effectiveness of the presentation and has a much greater impact on the implementation of learned skills in practice.


Petr Matuška, COO


'My team and I recently had the great pleasure of taking Bibi's Music and Leadership workshop and highly recommend it. Bibi adjusts her workshop to any kind of team and prepares well while tailoring her presentation and practical exercise to specific needs of the team. The theoretic part was very interesting and prepared the participants well for the practical sessions, which tested and compared the skills of the various leaders. Her style of teaching is very open, interactive and fun. My team has demanded already a second session by her.'


'For those companies or particulars that are looking for a leadership training, I recommend Bibi Pelic services. I attended to one of her leadership and music workshop and it was a great learning experience. Bibi is very professional, enthusiastic and has got deep knowledge about leadership. Some of the knowledge I picked during the training, I can apply it to my work.'


'Bibi has accomplished to bring you insight into management, organization and corporate social interaction thru the lense of music and orquestra direction. Her ideas are presented in accesible, familiar terms everyone can relate to yet provide a new perspective in leadership and management drawing inspiring parallelisms between the two worlds.



Bibi Pelić 
Tel: +420 604208336


Ulrike Michel-Schneider 

Tel: +420 720 367 078


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