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How to Create

Great Online Content

April 23
09-13 CET

 Do you need create great online content for your business?

Would you like to learn how to create content that will amaze your audience?  

Are you looking to monetize your skills, knowledge and passion by teaching what you know and love? 

You're in the right place!

Creating great content is a challenge for many individuals and organizations. Whether it is an employee training manual, presentation of a new product, or monetizing your passion, businesses are faced with the inevitable challenge to create engaging and enticing online content. It's not that easy. Just putting a camera and recording is not enough. We can help you change that!

Why take this webinar?

Our team has vast experience in creating world-class online content, working for many years with leading elearning organizations. Bibi Pelić, the facilitator of thes webinar and founder of ConductVision has worked for several years as content creator, presenter, strategic consultant and senior manager for leading  elearning organisations. She has also held the position of Senior Content Editor for The Times Academy. 
In 2019 we launched our online school ConductVision Academy providing ConductVision's original content with top-notch videos. Checkout how we do it. 










Who is this course for?

  • ​HR looking to convert existing programs into online trainings and manuals for employees

  • Business owners looking to promote their products

  • Online businesses looking to sell their products 

  • Anyone looking to monetize their skills and build their own online platform

  • Open-minded individuals looking to learn new skills


What will you learn?
  • How to choose the right online platform for your content
  • How to create and develop amazing online content
  • How to visualize your content and make it engaging and interesting
  • How to become a course presenter
  • Learn what you need to know to produce high-quality videos
  • Guide you through the filming process
  • Advise how to present it to your target audience
Meet you on Zoom!
  • April 23, 09:00-13:00 CET
  • Price: 2500 CZK
Space is limited to 12 people so hurry up and reserve your spot now! 

Let's create great content together! 

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