Looking to transform your team into an empowering, flexible, dynamic, highly productive and happy team? 

How to Orchestrate Your Business programme is designed to help executives and other professionals discover and embrace communciation, teambuilding and organisational skills that make successful music ensembles and orchestras effective, powerful constantly searching for new and creative solutions. 

The programme includes ConductorVision signature Company Orchestra workshop, a highly enjoyable interactive workshop where participants have the unique opportunity to take up a percussion instrument and thereby live experience how musicians work, communicate and perform together, followed by a lively discussion as to newly discovered insights. 

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How to Orchestrate Your Business


  • Endorsed Course

  • Innovative Concept

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Orchestrate Your Team Model

Crisis such as the COVID-19 do not stop team building activities! 


ConductVision has  developed a new team building model blending in-house and online trainings. 


How does the Orchestrate Your Team Model work?


Team members go through ConductVision’s online course by themselves or working via Zoom with others.  At the end of each section of the course,  participants discuss their learnings together via Zoom with ConductVision’s workshop facilitator.



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