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Our professional development depends on a number of factors. Expressing ourselves eloquently is one of them. Adopting a rich vocabulary we may stand out and impress our peers and colleagues. We might get a promotion or better job offer.

Pablo Picasso once stated, "Looking at a painting or listening to music activates parts of the brain that are linked to creativity."

Inspired by art and music, Bibi Pelić, founder of ConductVision introduces two new original online courses that will change the way you think about the way you talk and inspire you to learn new exciting music and art terms that can effectively change the way you express yourself. Watch the below video to find out what inspired her to create this original content.

There are so many benefits to adopt a rich expression. The way we speak and write largely affects our listener and conversation partner. Keynote speakers and presenters who possess an eloquent language impress audiences. Picasso's quote may also apply to learning music and art terms - they trigger our creative and critical thinking processes.


Our two programmes 'How to Spice up Your Language Through Music and How to Spice up Your Language Through Art are also available as online courses

Join us in an exciting learning journey!

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