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Music & Leadership Book Launch

On Tuesday, January 23rd 2018 Music & Leadership held the official book launch of the first book titled ‘Music & Leadership - Empowering Global Leadership For The New Millennia’ authored by CEO & Founder Bibi Pelić.

The event took place at the Czech Museum of Music (Karmelitská 388/2, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic). Guests included participants from different professional sectors: diplomacy, finance, law, education, business consulting, journalism and music.

The celebration commenced with a concert given by the author Bibi Pelić on the violin accompanied by her sister Ivana on the piano. The sister duo performed works by Händel, Bach, Dvorák, Drdla and Massenet.

Following the concert, Bibi introduced the book, explaining to the audience the background, developement of the Music & Leadership concept.

Music & Leadership is honoured to have welcomed Dr. Jeremy Bradley, Director at InterActive Pro based in London. Having written the foreword, Dr. Bradley introduced the book, explaining the book's groundbreaking perspective in redefining leadership of the 21st century. 

A lively Q&A followed with thought-provoking questions as to the purpose and implementation of the new book.

The evening concluded with a get-together during which the audience had the chance to personally meet the author and purchase the book signed by the author.

About the Book 

The classical music conductor is considered by many to be the perfect representation of the successful, empowering leader. Leading a classical music orchestra demands exceptional leadership qualities and styles. 21st century thought leaders point out to the importance of interdisciplinary learning as key to leading businesses and other professional fields forward. Knowledge and experiences from leaders of other disciplines open new visions as to the art of leadership.

Music & Leadership is a novel leadership concept, answering the current business world call for new concepts and frameworks within which to understand leadership of today and tomorrow. Exploring and discovering leadership through the lens of the classical music conductor and orchestra, the objective of this book is to trigger your ability to think creatively and critically appraise your own leadership style and behavioral patterns and how you can implement lessons learned from this book in your working environment. By looking into the work of the music conductor and orchestra, the executive is offered a new way of thinking about business and leadership.

Now available on Amazon:

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Also available as e-book.

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