Music Conductors - CEOs in a Tux

Music conductors. We see them standing in front of a orchestra and cannot but wonder,  what are they doing? What is their purpose and do they really have a significant role in a concert performance?

The conductor is a popular figure in the music world and achieves great fame without playing an instrument. His true power is in his ability to make other people powerful. He must be effective in enabling musicians to play their best.

Musicians in the orchestra are professionals, playing and performing since early childhood. Usually they are strong individuals, confident in their skills and knowledge and have high aspectations regarding the music conductor. This leadership aspect is similar in any business.

What is the Musical Definition of Conducting?

The conductor has to persuade others to accept his view of the music and help him shape it into a unified and convincing whole. If we make a list of the general skills and requirements a music conductor must have, it will look something like this:

• Full command of resources / excellent musical knowledge

• Confidence in the art of gesture

• A good physique, a good temperament, and a strong sense of discipline

• Everything occurs in his head before it happens, and he “hears” it

• Highly developed eye contact, facial expressions, and posture

• Motivational and leadership skills

• Ability to explain complicated ideas to people from different nationalities

• Ability to convince musicians that he knows better than all of them together

• Freshness - improvisation skills

How many of these same skills and requirements should a business leader possess?