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Are You Ready for the Digital Age?

In recent months I have listened to and discussed challenges professionals face within the working environment. Though some of the discussed challenges have a short-term character and are most likely to be quickly overcome, a few stand out as having a significant influence on how organisations and the individual will evolve in the years to come.

What are the key challenges we are witnessing today? 

Globalisation followed by the digital transformation has in recent years changed the corporate landscape. This is something we all agree upon. Today, the digital age represents a revolution of its kind, asking for companies, whether big or small, to rethink their organisational models and explore new individual skills and behaviours. At the same time, millennials are joining the workforce  with a completely different mindset. A clash of the ‘old and new thinking’ is imminent. Combining 2-3 generations into an organisation or team takes artful mastery.  As a result, many of us wether we are in a leadership position or member of a team, are currently feeling overwhelmed searching for ideas, answers, new frameworks and solutions. 

Where to look for ideas and possible solutions?

Artists and musicians are known for possessing an exceptional mindset able to identify and develop new organisational designs and behaviours. This ability is a key aspect of their creative endeavours. Thanks to the specifics of their profession, musicians and other artists naturally embrace a creative and open mindset, essential to the quality of their work. 

This specific mindset enables them also to recognise and identify organisational structures, processes and strategies within other industries. Their perceptions are objective and independent, enabling new insights and perspectives leading to the creation of a unique, clear vision. 

Today, in a time of change and transformation, embracing different perspectives and mindsets is not a luxury but a necessity in moving individuals and organisations forward. Using the creative mindset in identifying new organisation models and behaviours as well as creating and optimising work processes will differentiate successful and less successful organisations.

With this in mind, musicians and other artists might just be the ones organisations should turn to, to provide ideas, share their creative mindset and offer new frameworks and solutions.

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